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Welcome to my profile,

My name is BlackRosesTears and I am an author, reviewer, and beta-reader on AFF.
I became a K-Pop Fan in 2013 with Infinite as the first group that I loved to listen to. My bias back then was L.
Over the years, I got into more groups and my favorite group changed to Big Bang with my ultimate bias changing into G-Dragon.
If you are interested in the other groups I am listening to, here is a link to the list: Group List.
I write a wide field of stories from fluff to angst, from stories to Yuri with groups I like but I also did and still do publish with lists of songs that I enjoy listening to and you can request a story based on the song with a pairing of your choice.
You can also send me story ideas that you would like me to write out through a PM, I will definitely answer you and keep in touch with you to talk more about your idea.
Besides that, I also occasionally participate in Secret Santa projects and since I joined AFF as an active member, I also write one or more one-shots for the “World Suicide Prevention Day” which is every year on the 10th September.
The following links will show you lists of my ongoing projects, lists that I was talking about just now with the songs and the requestor but also Secret Santa and Suicide Prevention projects:

For reviews, you can visit my review shops “Reading Is Beautiful” or “A Beautiful Journey” which is a review shop, especially for writing contests. I will upload reviews of authors there who got them as a prize in a writing contest but you can also request reviews for entries of contests there. Both shops services are for free.

I am bad at updating my stories frequently but I am giving my best so they will all be completed at one point. So all I can do is asking for your trust in me and my promise that they will be completed at a point.
I am really thankful for each and every one of you that are reading my stories which is also the reason why you will find your username on my forewords. This is a feature of AFF that I use because I would like to show you that I appreciate it that you are checking out the story.
You can send me friends’ requests if you like to, I will accept them all and look forward to writing with you.

~ BlackRosesTears

Here is a link to a list of my stories: Masterlist
And my SNS accounts: InstagramTwitter Facebook Wattpad Q&A