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Personal Message

Hello! \^-^/

Even though I'm real shy in person I do get bored on here and welcomes anyone who wants to be friends and talk!

Please don't address me as author-nim. I'm not Korean. I'm just another fangirl who joined the club. Actually, I'm Hmong. Not sure if a lot of people are familiar with that culture, though.

Anyway, EXO will always be my #1 group! So, yes, I'm an EXO-L and if it wasn't for EXO, I wouldn't be here right now. I don't stan any other groups, but I don't like to bash or be a hater, so everyone is welcomed. Ohh, I also loveeee Amber from f(x)!

About Me


YES! THESE ARE TWO ARE ALWAYS KILLING ME! \^-^/ I can't ever seem to choose who will be #1 in my 💓!

Part time zookeeper and full time scientists. In between all that, I still try to find time for Asian Fanfics whether I'm reading or writing! I'm pretty shy in person, but I promise I won't bite! I only read EXO x OC fanfic and if you find my writing, it'll be pretty similar to that pairing. ^-^

Sehun and Baekhyun will always be my main leads! <3 I can't ever seem to pick one out of the two! (^-^)

Thanks for visiting and do check out my fanfics! (o^-^o)


How am I supposed to choose if they're always like this?! T_T

I'm​ really not a shipper, just another fangirl who is indecisive and needs more than one bias! >_<

Oooh. One more thing, if you don't want to be my friend, but would really like to check out my fanfics, just click on the posters and you'll find your way!

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Also, these are short random pieces that were purely for entertainment:

From Me to You, A Letter to EXO

Brownie Points [M]

A Gentleman's Touch [M]

If you ever need a recommendation, here's the place:


Now, did you get all that? Basically, I'm an EXO fangirl who writes. Lol. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! ^-^