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Name of the other story? (If you picked C or D)

  • It's the Z - Zico
  • Bang Yongguk - Yongguk (Need some help on this one. Not a very good title. lol)
  • Bbuing Bbuing Tao! - Tao

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Kayla. January 27th. Married. Likes: photography, makeup, books. Artists: SHINee, Jay Park, BTS Merch I own: I AM, B.A.P One Shot, Exo XOXO, SHINee Everybody, GD Coup D'etat, Tao Wolf 88 shirt, Jaejoong WWW, SHINee 1and1.







Kim Kibum. What can I say?
You are not afraid to be yourself. I love how greatful you are of your grandmother.
You have an amazing fashion sense. One I aspire to have. To me you are an all-around
amazing person. I love your voice and your imperfections. You're my comfort. You're my joy.
Thank you. For everything.
Every. Single. Thing.


Kim Jonghyun.
It's so surreal. I still think you're here.
I stop and get lost in time when I hear your voice or see your face.
And it just hits me all over again. It hurts. It hurts so much.
Please always shine bright.

I love you.
You did well.

My Dino .
Now my Angel Baby.