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About Me

Hello my friends XD

I am a Fanfic writer from Germany. I´m here because I like to read fanfics and I do write fanfics too. I´m sorry for that my fanfics, I´ve upload here, at the moment are written in germany and not all of you can understand it...but I will try to do some in english too in time.


My favorite Couples in fanfics that I like to read are: 

2pm: ChanKhun/BuckSung, WooHo, TaecHo. I also like TaecKay or TaecKhun

2am: Seulong/Jinwoon, I don´t have a name for this couple XD maybe SeulJin

KNK: JunHun, Youjin/Inseong, I don´t know either a name for this couple XD

Shinhwa: WanDy, a little bit WooDong and MinJin

HALO: Sungho (Dino)/Jaeyong, Ooon/Yoondong, Heecheon/Inhaeng

Crossover I like are:

2pm/2am: Minjun and Changmin

Got7/B.A.P: JB and Youngjae

Cross Gene/Actor: Takuya and Joonjae, I know them from the Drama Serie The Lover Room 709 X3 sooo cute I love it