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Hello everyone. Thank you for actually visiting and reading my boring profile page. I should introduce myself before I keep on blabbering, should I? Oh well.. I am the unnie for almost everyone here. Yes, I am old enough to write and read . How about you? Here's a deal. Everyone here are welcome to read my stories, including the rated ones but please, I repeat, please do not go around and tell your parents about it. I'm not joking. This thing happened before and thus it has changed the way AFF operates now. If your parents are open minded about it, then I guess it's okay. But I know some aren't.

If you know me, or you've been an avid reader since the beginning, then you'll know what type of stories I usually write. I love angst. I prefer angst more than any other genres. I love dark and twisted storyline. Although I do write fluff sometimes, but I'm all about angst. , hardcore or not. Those two.. angst and , are like a match made in heaven. I kid you not. And that is why most of my stories are rated and filled with those two genres. Funny how I prefer dark and twisted stories when in real life, I'm actually a funny person. Really. I could be awkward at first but once we're comfortable with each other, you'll see the fun side of me. Caution though. You may not want to be around me when I'm bored. Because I  am capable of doing weird things when I'm heck bored. In my stories, I swear and said nasty words like there's no tomorrow but I'd think thrice before using vulgarities outside my author mode. Although I do swear when I'm overly too happy or when I'm upset.

I used to update regularly but the updates have become slower now. Mostly because I've become busier with personal things. And also because I will have to send my chapters for proofread procedure first. English is not my first language so please bear with me and my silly grammar mistakes. Thus in order to produce you readers better story and work, I decided to send my chapters/updates for proofread before I published them. I don't want to rush those who volunteers to help me with my proofread. Believe me, I want to update as fast I could too, but I do not want to annoy them with my rushing. They are wonderful enough to help me to proofread my stories so I hope you'll understand.

A little bit about my boring story of how I'm becoming an author. I've never ever imagined myself writing a story. Being an author, is not easy. I applause those who had written many stories and updates almost regularly, if not every day. I used to be just a reader who would search for mostly Infinite stories and to be honest, they're the only stories I've read so far. I've forgotten the reason why I actually decided to start writing but I didn't regret that decision at all. Not the slightest. I found happiness and joy with writing stories. Although there were times where I actually wanted to give up and retire. But I didn't. Because from here, I found numerous friends from all over the world and I am thankful for that. 

Last but not least, I want to thank you for spending your time to read any of my stories. Although I may have not reply to your comments on my stories but I do read them and I really, really appreciate them a lot. Once again, thank you for subbing to my stories and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying writing them. 

And yes, I do mixed and match present and past tenses in my un-proofread writing so deal with it.


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