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Personal Message

Hi! A small word to my readers (do I have any):

I only do this (writing) as a hobby during my spare time. I usually write only when the internet is down. Thus, my updates are neither frequent nor regular. I also don't write for views or reads. I write because I like it. I write when I'm comfortable :] I hope people do like the stuff I post, though. Please bear with my schedule. I'm not a very organized person irl, and I've got university to think about most of the time.

p.s. I disabled wall posts, but go ahead and private message me/add me!

Sincerely, Eun!

About Me

Name: Eunice

Age: 20

Bithdate: May 15, 1997

Ult Group: EXO

Current favorite: SVT

Ship: [hunhan is dead], so meanie (mingyu + wonwoo)

I (used to) ship hunhan, hence the username.

Concerts attended (chronological order):

K-Pop Festival Bangkok 2014 (Got7, 2NE1),

BTS The Red Bullet 2014,

EXO The Lost Planet #1 2014,

EXO'luxion 2016,

EXO'rdium 2017

Diamond Edge 2017


Please don't be shy to talk to me: Twitter: @uhohsehun (exo), @beanie_ssi (svt), or message me on here!