About Me



Hey there everyone
My name is Denise, but you can all call me Deni if you want to~
I'm from Germany, 21 years old and a proud and loyal Shawol and JongKey shipper.
I actually love to write and have lots of ideas (even though I don't really like most of them), but sadly have some trouble writing properly at the moment.
I hope that I can soon write as much as I would love to, just like I used to, so I can spam everyone here with my stories.
Still, I hope that you enjoy to read my already existing ones :3
Aaand feel free to talk to me, I won't bite~
Added to that I'm really open minded and love to meet new people, so yeah.. talk to me xD 
Also, if you want to you can follow me on these sites:

Tumblr: here
Instagram: here
Twitter: here
My tumblr is mostly dedicated to JongKey and yeah.. my instagram filled with my own randomness :3
Oh, and I decided to use twitter again, so yeah.. I will also post random stuff on there as well as informations about the things I write or do in general
Thanks for visiting my profile and.. stalking me *grins*
Have a nice day