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I'm Zoë, I'm Cuban and Mexican and I smoke crack that's why my stories are so good.

About Me

In all seriousness I'm a soon to be 18 year old who thought she would grow out of kpop by the time she was 15 but quite obviously that hasn't happened and I'm still here and as obsessed as ever. I had a long two year hiatus due to being out here living my mf life and consequently making a lot of mistakes and wound up getting kicked out of my home a week after my 17th birthday. It's nearing a year since that has happened and while I'm not exactly thriving I'm at peace with my situation and I find release in writing and pleasure in writing about our beloved idols. I love those goons. I'm born and raised in Arizona which for those who don't know is in the US. I'm of Cuban and Mexican descent and I write from my own experiences. And I realize some of the things I tend to involve in my writing may upset some of you guys, such as my mention of the devils lettuce and trap house parties and whether you all like it or not those things are apart of my life and gonna make appearances in my writing. Big surprise. Anyways, I love Kim Minseok.