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Personal Message

Hi! This is InfiniteTeen speaking!

I currently teach Korean so, if you are interested, please tell me on my wall or pm me. :)

I will soon start to write stories, so please begin to support me! ^^

Please add me as your friend, I don't bite. I love talking to everyone here in AFF, its just so AMAZING!! ^_^

Well, I think that is all I shall say for now, bye!! 

About Me

Well, Just to give you a little information, I don't mind!

Well, here goes.....

My name is Minjung, Kim Minjung. 

I'm currently 19 yrs old, well going to turn 19.

I am Korean if you can't tell.

I am currently learning a subject called broadcasting media, which is where I learn how to speak or talk in front of a camera. So the practice will soon begin!!

That's is all I think I should say about myself.

Well? Aren't you gonna tell me about yours? ^_^