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Hello guys! Its been a long time since the last time I ACTive. but i'm positive that i'll come back as soon the big exam end and continue writing stories that had always been in my mind. to newcomers, heyya! nice to meet you. i hope we'll be in good terms.
하라 Hara
name :
aihara namika
born :
nov 30, 1999
i like every genres
very much taken
eyes :
lee tae yong
ears :
the 7th sense
hi, love
sometimes i'd wander around and wonder - how would my love story be like?
friends & I
to advertisers, please do not post any or yuri fics on my wall 'cause i'll not read it. positive. and entertainment too, 'cause I'll not take a second look of it. that's all.

About Me

a broken wonder.
a fleeting dream.
Show me there's still hope. show me it's not over.
will we live to greet the dawn? 
Welcome to my profile! You can call me Aihara but I'm not japanese tho. Living in Malaysia and still thinking of travelling around the world with my own pocket money...? I don't have enough money TT^TT Anyway, if there is a will, there is a way. My dream is to become a designer and photographer. I want to publish my own novel and portfolio. This fanfics is just a beginning...
make my wish come true
• Learn language – japanese, korean and mandarin
• Learn piano and acoustic guitar and electric guitar
• Learn editting pics and videos
• Travel around the world and wherever I want
• Take psychology and then design (maybe)
• Attend EXO, f(x) and NCT concerts and fanmeeting and take photos with all members XD
• Publish my own novels and portfolio
• Design my own house

let darkness fade to light