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Learn from yesterday , hope for tomorrow , live for today.


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            Lizzy ┊ 3rd March ┊ 48 kg (fat me) ┊152 (short meee)
                         epitome of perfection.
           about me. about me. about me. about me.
           Indonesian , Kpopers . Multi fndom , but mostly SNSD , EXO , f(x) , SHINee , Infinite , and Super Junior ^^ You were welcomed to ask or chat with me ^^
           3rd Grade Middle Schooler . I love all kpop idols ^^ . Like to dancing . Occasional singer . Rapper
           I do make songs and lyrics (mostly only lyrics) .
           extra. extra. extra. extra. extra. extra.
           I am a friendly person :D I like to choreographing .
           A big dreamer but I'm always awake :o)
           "To love is nothing , but to be loved is someting
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