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2016.08.02 | This is the day I fearlessly said 'yes' to you and I do not regret a single thing.

2016.09.02 | I cannot believe 1 month has brought me such happiness.

2016.10.02 | Two months and I am beaming!

2016.11.02 | I cannot believe we have made it this far regardless of fights and arguments! I love you <3

2016.12.02 | Christmas is here! You are making me extremely happy despite our ups and downs!
2017.01.02 | Spending New Years with you was the best!
2017.02.02 | 6 months! Time sure does fly!
2017.03.02 | Even through we have had troubles, you still make me the happiest girl!
2017.08.02 | We turned 1 year old and I was not as happy as I thought I would be.
2017.10.02 | We never rurned 1Y2M and I do not regret it.
2017.12.27 | A new light joined my life.
Birthday: 1995/06/12
Country: Mexico
Blood type: O
Zodiac: Gemini
Fandom: SHINee & EXO
Ultimate Bias: Kim Jongin (Kai) & Lee Taemin
Color: Purple
Music: Pretty boy by Taemin ft Kai

Smile like everything is alright because life is too short to live with regrets.
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