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hello! please don't attempt to plagiarize any of my works. let's be friends! thanks! -jjangguu

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about me.


Just call me Jjang/Iya. A pure EXO-L that writes occasionally when I have time in my life. By that, I mean when it's vacation or there is no hectic schedule. I'm a medical student so I might be busy most of the time so please be patient when I update fics. I typically write things KaiSoo before but now I'm more into Chanbaek so expect a lot more of Chanbaek goodness in the future! I am a Filipina so I might be not that good in constructing English sentences and using fancy words so again, please be patient with me. ;n; I want to be friends with everyone and I like all cats and pink. Also, my bias is Kim Jongin/Kai from EXO. But I often listen to a lot of Kpop artists and even K-indie.