Which otp do you want me to write a story?

  • Hyungwonho
  • Kihyuk
  • Hyungkyun
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Personal Message

Making a comeback after 4 years of resting :)


Being a monbebe isnt that hard. Spending money to 7 dorks just to see them on papers isnt that bad actually. ")

About Me

This account was once my friend's. She wants to stop writing story for good and on the other hand I want to publish a story but too lazy to create an account. So she gave this account to me.


You guys can call me Morrow. I'm 16 ^^

I adore 7 crackheads who wear revealing clothes and singing to 'WAKA WAKA WAKA GROWLING"

Not a multifandom but I still listen to other groups' song. So feel free to recommend any songs that you like :)