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Hello hello hello tell me what you want right now~ 


Jk im poor i dont have any money hahaha :D ohh if you have any questions in life like "why is the sky blue?"  or "its green why do they call it blackboard?"  feel free to ask me questions here so yeah its free everyone likes free right? Loool So ask meeee!! Mwa mwa mwa :* and be free to put something on my wall because as you can see my wall is full of advertisements /criessss/

About Me



Im a FANGIRL obviously.

I love Pink (omg Jin we are so MTB "meant to be"l lol hahahaha)

Im really short when I say short that doesnt mean im a tall girl who thinks im short I AM REALLY SHORT, SHORTER THAN YOUR SHORTS! (Okay im being weird)

and obviously YES YES YES PARK CHANYEOL IS MY BIAS isnt it too obvious? From my username here and on ask thats pretty obvious right?

I LOVE BTS AND EXO PLUS RED VELVET ahhhhh they're my lalalala HAPPINESS.



dude! If you wanna know more about me ask me on my!! Okay? Okay. (Can someone please find me an Agustus Waters jk.)