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Personal Message

Hola~ My name is rockmochi.. well not in real life but its my username on here.. ASIAN FANFICS!

I am full Korean... WOOHOO

I loooveeee KPOP! It's more like an obsession.... hehe anyways I love to dance :D and my closest friends on AFF are capismine (I know wierd username right?) and aegyomochipanda (her username is sooooo long I think i'll run out of breath by the saying it) this song just popped up in my head I can't take my breath breath breath :D its breath by beast :P haha

If you don't believe me when I say I have an obsession ask capismine..... she knows lol

Well... I love music overall.... I played the piano for 7 years... then guitar for 6 months (then dropped out! My hands were getting ruined)... And this is my 2nd year playing the flute :D

soo yeaah... Oh yeah! hehe until we meet again! SEE ya!