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Don't judge, it's not nice.

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I wanted to be a writer and publish my books someday. It’s not easy and especially for someone whose main language isn’t English. I started writing here because it’s easier and people support you even when you write ty cringe worthy and sometime disgusting things but because of those readers you try hard. It’s the feeling that there’s someone who’s willing to give their time of the day to you by reading your stories. Maybe for them it doesn’t mean much but I’m sure for writers, it’s the most precious thing they could get. So thanks to all the readers out there supporting whichever way they can by subscribing, commenting or voting or recommending, or just reading they don’t have to do this but they do, what more does a writer want then that?

I’ve been writing for three years I think from 2015 to 2017, though I didn’t write anything in 2016 so it’s two huh?

I’m a huge exo fan (I once cried in front of people because of some unfair treatment towards them), I cannot write anything without exo, and of course Sehun or Luhan has to be main character somehow. Jiyeon is my bias, really she’s so precious and sometime fool but it’s so cute- hell she’s not even trying to be cute most of time but there she is.

I’m Seyeon or and hunhan shipper. Though I only read hunhan stories because their writers have this dark and unimaginable thoughts that I can’t get enough of!

Favorite Authors
ddolmi | shewolf94 | Exopotato12 | exo_otp |

Favorite Readers

Kakito94 | Pjykmy (Words are not enough to explain how much I appreciate them, when I first started writing I was way too bad like I myself won’t read my stories but she read every single chapter and left long comments that sometime I wonder why would she read and waste her time to comment on my stories when she can read way better than that and write a comment where its actually worth it but I was really touched and till today they are supporting me, I would always be thankful to them even when they’ll stop reading my stories. I would’ve not written all these without their constant support so no matter how much I thank them it won’t be enough.)

My stories

The Weird Love story |  Different Flavors Of Life  | The mysterious boy | The cold night | The Naive Love | Chasing | A not so nice boyfriend | Love vs. Fate | éclatement chérie (honey burst) | Be careful (Of Who You Mess With) Excuse me? Abandoned | Growing Love in 92 days Love knows no boundaries | Cynical is delusion | Shattered Soul | Perfume filled Nights | THE WAR |



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