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Help me with naming my KaixYou fanfic? ^^

  • Going Soft
  • Abandon Everything For You
  • Bad Boy Transmogrified!

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About Me

Hi~*waves hand*

I am Julia ^=^ 

My biased groups are B.A.P and EXO; 

My all-time ultimate, first, top bias is baby Zelo *squeals* Noona's little sunshine~~

Other biases are Do Kyungsoo, Wu Yifan, Kim Jongin and Bang Yongguk

I just recently discovered what a bias list wrecker Kyungsoo is >.> 


So, I will only write about these two groups.

I am also providing graphics, and just recently started doing trailers as well - but am in state of stagnation right now since my laptop broke down T.T


 Bangawo *bows* and let's talk sometimes xD