Personal Message

So hi, my name is Lilly ^-^ I used to be just biasedonaron, but then my password broke and stuff, blah blah blah, thats boring ^-^

I really love kpop, like I basically listen to that only, except for a few good bands or english artists, but thats it ^-^

My favorite groups are:

B1A4, Teen Top, BTS, SHINee, Nu'est, Miss A, Twice, SNSD, Kara, VIXX, Exid, Girl's Day, EXO, B.A.P, f(x) and FT island (there are probably others but I can't remember them right now)

So yeah.... Hashi Konata (Korean jibberish) Fighting!

About Me

Hallo! My name is Lilly and I'm totally open to new people and friends. If i had a bias list, ive burned it by now :P


i do love aron, seohyun, seunghyun (FT ISLAND NOT BIG BANG), and suga (and that weasel jungkook but hes just there to ruin my love of suga).

(and also LE from Exid is pretty cool)