About Me

hey there
call me moon.
#this is a screencap from goblin, which i actually haven't watched lmao. #i'm actually not that into kdramas #esp romance ones

moongkeul ( 뭉클 ) is a korean word that doesn't really have a specific definition, i don't think. it's a word used in emotional situations and it can connotate a grim feeling or an inspiring feeling or  a touched feeling. it's not necessarily a feeling of happiness, but i think the closest it will get to happiness is bittersweet, i.e. when thinking back on memories, and i think the multiple meanings it has to it are nice.

#i like to be fake deep #i like to be kim namjoon #i like theme parks #i like to eat #i like hot cheetos #i like ice cream #i like lots of things, i think
#summer 2017 will be my first time going to korea ! #i'm pretty hyped #my dream is to try convenience store food #that menu says churros i want churros too

i'm from cali - socal, to be more exact. i feel like city is unneccessary unless i  live in san francisco, which i don't. basically where i live, there are no lights and it's pretty and i think it's for rich people, so idk how my family got here lmao.

#someone switch spots with me i don't even like in-n-out #i've been to san francisco before at least ! #the weather is meh tbh, i like when it's in the 60's. #fahrenheit !

i've been a kpop fan since like ,,, first grade tbqh. i mooched loves off of my sister a lot because i was a little kid who didn't know how to think for herself - the earliest i can remember is an obsession with lee joonki because my sister was in love with him. i've grown to now have my own opinions on songs and artists but tbh i'm just weak for good looking boys, r&b music, groups who have gone through a lot together, indie music, people coming far in their career, music in general bc music is great how do you not love music. also tbh i find it rather hard to get into girl groups because confession ! i'm a horrible person and i get jealous easily of talented people.

#trash since age 6 #yes i don't like girls my age who have succeeded further in life than i have rip #but i'm somewhat more open to boys my age who are getting somewhere #am i being shallow ?
#i'm actually really weak for vintage things #and animals #and babies #and like interactive ? things ? #idk i like simulation games #i wanna try a real escape room #i love the walkthroughs at disney #the whole idea of a new universe i guess
#people i love, whether it be because of their music or their faces or their personalities #ok maybe i admit to being a bit shallow #the first four are main groups along with biases #the people who have brought me here and made me who i am 
#i'm full korean, my name is haneul ! #안녕 친구들 #yanan voice #do you know 안녕하세요

i'm on aff because i don't really know anywhere else i'd like to share my writing ( and also i'm trash for applyfics ). lots of my writing is inspired by ,,, anything, really. if you know me well, you know that i get inspired by literally everything bc i have a crazy imagination and i can make a story idea out of a table. i like everything i write to have meaning, so i try to put lots of thought into my stories and characters, and i hope that people can feel safe to invest in my stories even if they don't show a lot of promise at first because !! i'm still growing and learning !! but i'm trying !! and i'd like to think my story ideas are !! good !! so !! yeah !! thanks guys !! moon out.

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