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Three wishes for a soul | kaisoo

three lives. three chances. three wishes. you better treasure it; keep it safe. once lost, it's gone forever, and you will never get it back. 

Hunhan as a side dish! :)
back to square one | kaisoo ^ Hunhan

it's hard to be stuck in the past when the one you love lives in the present, but it's also hard to live in the present when the one who loves you is stuck in the past. A story where jongin can't let go while it seems that kyungsoo has all but moved on. 
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19** February 7th
Hi everyone! I'm not really good with introductions, so I'll save us both the pain of awkwardness that would surely ensue. Besides, there's really not much for me to tell. OTL

I'm female, I have no idea if that's obvious or not. I want to have a mysterious air, though, so I'll leave you to guess as to what my age is. It's my very first year in college, so that's already a hint. lol I'm aspiring to be a successful journalist one day. please support me! :D

I love reading, eating and writing, but mostly eating. I'm also pretty flexible, so if you ever feel lonely just chat me up, and we can literally talk about anything and everything under the sun.

I'd love to be friends with you! Do add me! ^^ And if you have the time, I would greatly appreaciate it if you'd check out my stories. :)

thanks for reading this long. lol have a nice day! 
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