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In my Sing with me story who would you want Eunjung to end up with?

  • Hongki
  • Jaejin
  • Niether

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About Me

Hi, my name is Kristie ^^


2009 art proj.. it was my first time drawing someone so it isnt that great :P and i never had art lessons.. sorry if it looks rly bad o-o.. u cant draw perfection :D (ahem *handsome Hongki)

2009. I did this in grade 8.. :P its not that great cuz im not good with drawing people and it was my first time too... Besides you can`t draw perfection<3 (*ahem *handsome hongki) =3


2011. Second attempt in drawing Hongki. AGAIN its so hard to draw his perfected gorgeous face sculpture<3 and yes i know its slanted but i didnt have enough time to fix it because I gave it to Hongki when I went and saw him at the fan meet in toronto<3 =D he was soooo beautiful in real life<3 AHHH HE WAS SO CUTE =] and ofc the other members were so cute as well<3

2010. Anime Drawing I created in grade 8.

Another anime

2011. some random eye art

Birdie : 2011

Second Birdie drawn with less errors =3 2011


For my sister HBD<3 09/20/2011

This was for my best friend joyce<3 2011

Drawing process:















For my project 2011.

Art proj last name thing.. 2011

i was so bored in class so i drew on my wrist. x3 2011


Seasonal greeting cards. heres the process: