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About Me




“I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything.”


Just call me by the pseudonym Ahri

| '00 liner | mostly an apathetic hermit | Blood Type is A | MBTI personality is a hardcore INTJ | A er for cheesecakes, taro, anddddd pretty and delicate boys ♡ |

| Awkward af | Cynic | Crazy | Lazy Bum |



900408 - 171218

You will always be remembered, Kim Jonghyun, my love.

I am your legacy. You are in me. I won't do anything that will shame you and your memory.




Sehun (EXO

Ling Chao and Mu Ziyang (BC221)

Ren and JR (NU'EST)


P.s. if Karma Akabane is real I would have married him lol