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Should I write a full-length SeBaek and should it be fluff or angst?

  • Yes and fluff pls!
  • Yes and write angst bc life is angst
  • Nooo just write one-shots
  • Nah

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Sehun X Baekhyun
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SeBaek is love. SeBaek is life. I've explained so many times how I fell onto this ship and I won't hesitate saying it again. I saw the neck-kissing, I fell, it hurt but NOW I HANDLE A FREAKING SEBAEK SUBMARINE CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!???!! I love them so much. They make me so happy. ;__; Check out my works if you're a SeBaekian. I hope they won't disappoint you! But don't expect too much from a fangirl. <3 

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BigBang ruined my life and EXO came to help them. The rest (B.A.P, BTS, GOT7) just stayed and laughed along. They are cruel, I tell you. C R U E L. But EXO is the worst and they broke my heart more times than I have ever been heartbroken in my 19 years conbined and the worst part is that I actually freaking love them and I can't let go. It's effed up. Really. 

EXO bias would be Sehun, Baekhyun, Tao and Kris (idc he left I DON'T C A R E), although sometimes I get hots for Derpyeol (love-hate r/s I swear) and Kai and ugh. I cannot. 

BigBang bias is all of them. Lol. JK. No, I'm serious, I cannot choose?!! TOP owns my heart and GD, Seungri, TaeYang, Daesung own the rest of me I LOVE YOU.

BAP biases would be YoungJae and Daehyun just cuz. But oh god Zelo just had to be tall and awesome and a rapper and oh god I cannot even. What is choosing. 

BTS bias. Hm. Definitely Taehyung. And Jungkook. I cannot with the cuteness I just can't. ;__; And they're my secret ship. Ok. 

GOT7!? Jackson. Because wild and y. 

I'd probably go lez on 4Minute's Hyuna and 2NE1's Dara. And o m g Park Sojin. 

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