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Hi Everyone !!



About Me



Yeah... what to say about me?!?!

A difficult question because I'm different to other people. I don't need to be cool, showing my body to be loved or do what someone wants from me so I'm sitting in school at the table of the outsiders.

I enjoy the time when I'm alone. This time I'm spending with listening music, write down my thoughts, reminiscing the past, daydreaming about my crush, singing songs which tell the current feeling of me and dance around in my room.

When I'm together with my friends I could be a very crazy girl. I ever have funny ideas to make everyone laughing. But when one of my friends have some sorrows I'm the first person who want to give her/him help.

If I would need help I ever try to clear my problems by myself because I'm too shy to talk to someone with my problems. A bit shy I'm too if I want to start talking to some one I don't know but it doesn't take a long time till I break out of me.

That's me!!



LadyADA <3