About Me

basically i coded my new profile layout just bc i saw a thumbnail in youtube that is somehow similar to this ( it was actually a playlist but meh ) and i kinda liked the result of it heifjfr brown is superior to me but blue is close to second so let's try a new palette lmfao min yoongi of bts is my ult bias thus you are showered with his perfection ( you're welcome ) !!! i finally coded this on my own without help whatsoever ( altho it's pretty simple and not that hard to do ) but i'm still proud of it !! anyway, i'm a certified infp and a virgo--a ravenclaw and hufflepuff if you still wanna know more--so i don't mind meeting new people !! however, i'm the type who sweats a lot in being the one initiating the conversation so pls pls be the one to start talking to me instead,,, i don't really bite but say anything that would offend the hoesquad would catch these hands :c if you wanna join the hoesquad, just contact min or neoculture_dorkology