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BY sugalgi
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ALIAS: gabby
BIAS: BTS, min yoongi
OTPS: yoonmin, other bts ships
FUN FACT: i wish min yoongi can bless me with his holy spits whenever he raps
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about me.
yo es hello there i'm gabby and welcome to my profile. idk what brings you to my boring white wall but might as well read something that is useful here.

i've been a kpop fan for like 5 years already? i've also been into rp-ing or roleplaying for like 2 years (which explains my weird typing and way of speaking) but i stopped cuz school is bull and just wouldn't let me br ea the.

i'm currently an ARMY but still multifandom and is updated with other groups. i'm a non-existent couch potato and an awkward piece of fry so sure, you're welcome to hmu on my wall and dm (just make sure it doesn't scare me oR I'LL BLOCK YOU) i'm also a yoongi-stan but also keeps getting wrecked by 6 other boys called bts who are eternal sunshines and cotton candy angels they shall not be tainted, god bless them.

i write stories as well, specifically chatfics nowadays cuz they're easier to write (for me at least) and i'm so ing busy because of school so i'm sorry if it took me a vERY  l o n g time to update. but when i DO have the time, i guarantee i can update 2 chapters A DAY. so just a few kicks and hip s i am good to go because i'm saying goodbye to this hellhole called school soon.

so other than me being an awkward piece of fry and a couch potato (i just made a joke here, please clap your hands for me, tyvm), i'm honestly just.... shy... and quiet... and just.... shy and totally not witty..... i'm not funny (i THINK i'm not but others say i am). i have a hard time approaching others, basically because i grew up to be a dead kid- dead kid is like a person who barely has friends or doesn't talk much to anybody. so yeah, that's me ALTHO i started trying to approach people when i started rp-ing. it smh forced me to break out of my pityful nutshell. and here i am, still alive but barely surviving the social life.

in terms of socializing however, even if i'm shy it doesn't stop me from going straight to the point. i only do that if i have to but please don't take it that seriously cuz i'm only saying this for your benefit. like, if i see something that is already hurting me or something that is definitely not right, i won't hesitate to say it to you. nevertheless, it's rare for me to do it since i don't encounter that much people whom are hard to deal with (everyone i meet here are just sweet so let me shed a few tears, ya'll such angels).

when i dm people, there are two things: ALL CAPS or low caps. if i type in all caps, it means i'm not angry? not annoyed? just happy? and comfortable? and just idk happy?

if i type in low caps, there are also two things: if it's serious or just being lowkey. altho i think it would be obvious if i speak seriously especially when the topic is smth serious and not something to make fun at. but when i'm lowkey, i'm just plain lazy to double click this button at the left side of my phone keyboard or i'm just being chill and .

one last thing before you go, i'd rather not let you plagiarise any of my stories. you may translate them but you HAVE to ask permission from me first bc i swear to god i have my ways to murder the out of you. i worked my off for every piece of work that i made, sacrificed sLEEP just to update, prioritize my stories instead of school cuz i don't give a (not really), so please don't just do it for both of our sakes.
OH and also, i have an account in AO3, has the same username but only limited stories. go and check me out (not literally)

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◇ look at his snaps




Where in snapchat user momomonie is sure that he can stare at his crush's face for a very long time without getting caught.

Or maybe he's just plain stupid that he screenshotted one of pinkseok's snaps and accidentally ed it all up. 


✨ chatfic

⛲ ongoing


☀ namjin

♞ currently 5 chapters



◇ submission



"everything's possible in hell."

Yoongi wants to go back.


Jimin wants him to stay.


And Yoongi is slowly falling to everything he says.


✨ chaptered novel

⛲ ongoing


☀ yoonmin

♞ currently 9 chapters







Sometimes, messaging the person you like helps a lot. It helped both Taehyung and Jungkook in more ways than one. Especially when Jungkook has the phobia of meeting new people and Taehyung can't hold back telling Jungkook that he admire his posts in Instagram. So good old Taehyung came to the solution of texting him instead.


✨ chatfic

⛲ complete


☀ taekook

♞ currently 34 chapters



◇ one new follower



"i found the most perfect mochi i've ever seen."

Yoongi may or may not have given Seokjin a heart attack and spilled coffee on Namjoon's music equipment when a certain twitter account owned by a cute muscled dancer that has more than 11.5k followers followed him back (Yoongi's self-esteem suddenly deflated at that).


✨ chatfic

⛲ completed


☀ yoonmin

♞ 40 chapters



◇ charm 1, get 1 for free



"my boyfriends consists of a cat and a dog."

Jungkook was raised to believe that hybrids of the same breed were supposed to be mates. But all those cultural thoughts flew out of the window the moment he saw the most traumatizing scene in his entire life: his seniors, a husky and bombay hybrid, in the most awkward and position he has ever seen.


✨ two-shot

⛲ ongoing

☀ vminkook

♞ currently 1 chapter



◇ of jeans and cheese



"ironically, they met 'cause of cheese and jeans."

If it weren't for his nice wrapped up with those nice jeans from H&M, Jungkook wouldn't have met Jimin.


If it weren't for Yoongi's hate for cheese, he wouldn't have been this close to Hoseok - who has a great amount of love for cheese.


✨ chaptered oneshot

⛲ ongoing

☀ jikook & yoonseok

♞ currently 2 chapters