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Hi, I'm Sara! I stan (very hard) the Korean Pop Group, INFINITE and my ultimate bias is Jang Dongwoo (he is too perfect for words)!

Besides Korean Pop, I'm also into Japanese Rock Bands, such as The Gazette, ViViD, Plastic Tree and etc. I also like English (language) Rock Bands such as My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, Black Veil Brides and all that but I don't write fics about these guys so just anticipate the Korean Pop related fics ^___^

I ship every member of INFINITE with Dongwoo so please anticipate every variation of Dongwoo- related ships! 

EXO, Block B, Bangtan Sonyeondan, TASTY, and CNBLUE are more groups I stan so you can also expect some ships from these groups as well! 


Also, feel free to request some ships for me to write about as I never really know what ship to write about!

You can request any ship as long as they are within the groups mentioned above :)


P.S. I use a lot of images/ GIFs in my stories and if they're yours without credit, please notify me and I'll take them down immediately uwu 

P. P. S. It's not an excuse but I've been pretty busy with real life and my actual love life for a while so that's why the updates have slowed down (I'm sorry >.< )