Personal Message

In a Heartbeat 

He used to have everything
Now he is left with nothing
Once the king of everything
Now nobody

You have no idea what to think
When he becomes your partner for a group project
You’ve got enough going on without this bad boy in your life

But once you get in
There is no more turning back
Who would have thought
That you could fall for someone like him

In a heartbeat

Saving The Royals

Until now your father always kept you hidden.
But when he dies, it’s your turn to claim the throne
You’re quick to find out that things are meant to change

Somehow you end up working together with a prisoner
He shows you the true reality
While you give him the chance to a better life

But can he be trusted? 
Or are you making a terrible mistake? 
Can he save the royals?

The Great Escape

When you start dating this cute guy
He seems like a dream
But soon you meet a different side of him

Then you meet his brother
Who immediately gets protective of you

At first your surprised
But then you find out the not so pretty side of his brother
You escape to the only person who seems to understand

Knowing what it’s like
He protects you like no one ever did
He keeps his brother away
While at the same time, he keeps on coming closer

He is your great escape
But could he be more?


He’s a nobody 
With a past of his own
You’re popular
But you have a big secret to hide

When he finds out
You’re sure he’ll screw you over
But instead
He stands up for you

Together you fight a new battle
He makes you feel safe and protected
You make him feel alive

But when the past tries to sneak back in
Will you be undefeatable?

The Bodyguard 

You never depended on anyone before
So accepting someone like him in your life isn’t easy
You try everything to make his job harder for him
But you soon realize he knows what he’s doing

Even though you know it’s his only his job
You can’t help but feel your heart tremble each time he shows up
Ready to give up his own life for yours

All his life
He’s been protecting people
He never expected it to be different this time

Though what he didn’t realize
Is that from now on
It isn’t only a life he has to protect
It is his own heart as well

About Me

Draft Stories --> The Bucket List

1. Do Something Illegal
2. Stop Being Invissible
3. Have My First Real Kiss
4. Get Drunk In a Club
5. Skinny Dipping
6. Fall In Love
7. Loose My V-Card (Not A One Night Stand Please...)
8. Quiet Dancing Classes
9. Study Less And Make More Friends
10. Skip Class
11. Make Baekhyun Notice me

Your senior year was going to be different
You were going to fulfill your bucket list
But you were going to need help, because you couldn’t do it alone

You had never expected him to do that
Causing that you could scratch the first number off your list
Little did you know
That he had his own bucket list
And you were on it

--> Opposites Attrackt

For years you have wanted to go to a real school
With real people
With normal people, unlike you

You can smell their blood
Hear their hearts beating in their chests
You can taste their fear

But nothing could have prepared you
For what you would find between those high school walls
He’s everything you’re not allowed to have
He’s supposed to be your biggest enemy

But you know what they say…
Opposites attract

--> Behind Closed Doors

You’re supposed to be the responsible one
But as soon as he walks into your class
You loose all control

He’s supposed to know better than this
But from the first time he sees you behind that desk
His ship starts sinking

Everyone knows that a relationship
Between a teacher and a student
Is doomed to fail
But what if love is the key to success?