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If You Guys Want Me To Write Another Story,Who Do You Want It To Include?

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  • Nu'est
  • Nu'est, EXO-M, EXO-K

About Me

so ya my name is mel and I L O V E writing fanfic's its been a dream of mine to write stories but never got by the chance to so here I am... ok anyways I Like SHINee and many other k-pop bands so most of my stories will be focusing on them ! MY ulitmate crush is Taemin<3 so most of my stories will my focusing on him,but if you guys like you could drop by some comments and I could make other stories with other band mates,but im kinda new to k-pop im only a couple months into it so I only know SHINee mostly,I've heard other groups and know their music but I don't know their bio's that well so if you tell me to write a story about another band I will be more the happy to ,but ! I will have to do research *hehe*,anyways my updates will be between 1-3 days..Also guys if I can't come online or something is the matter I will notify all my readers on my status,also I will make it up to you guys .So yeah enjoy my stories don't forget to rate and subscribe! <3