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Ahem. Hum. Hm.


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I am RaspberryTaffy.

Also known as Taffy, Toffee, and many other things that may not all be related to food.

I'm a roleplayer (FB, primarily), writer, musician, nuthead, artist.

I'm in too many RPs right now, so I'm not joining more unless by special request. 

Uhm. I like comments. Those are greatly appreciated. Really, greatly appreciated.

I love cute things -- hence the fluff -- but don't like to show it.

I have too many biases. It's sorta hard to list.

Onwards and upwards, anyway. If you want to know more, get to know me. I'm not that scary.

I am Raspberry Taffy.


My precious loves

Jewell who owns my comments and sisterly love | 

Tia who owns my cheesiness and honey | 

Paracel who owns the right and love to be who she is

Chelsea who owns my 'Recent Calls' and  my heart's 'Dear Abbey' column | 

Yeonnie who I own

Clari who owns my MinEun feels |

Charlin who owns my inbox |  

Mikkie who owns two of my RPing hearts |

Ricky who I chopped into kimchi |

And all the other lovely roleplayers and authors I've met who own my love