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What ship name do you think suit Lee Daehwi and Bae Jinyoung the most? Kindly give your thoughts thank you.

  • JinHwi
  • DaeJin
  • BaeHwi
  • Others that aren't in the option

Personal Message

18th of July 2017 profile update

hey there everyone, its been so long so I've been hiatus from this site. I've been busy from studies, life and most importantly my college application yay. That's pretty personal so I'll stop here.


Its been *drumroll* 8++ years being a SONE​​​​​ and I'm proud to say that our Queens aka Angels aka Girls' Generation are celebrating their 10th anniversary soon next month and they'll be releasing their sixth album hoot hoot!!

*whisper* Jessica is coming back too. Yay!!


If you read my wall message then you probably know that I love Wanna One and binge watched Produce 101 Season 2 so yea. The really sad thing is that a lot of my biases didn't make it.


My only few biases who made it were Daehwi, Jihoon and Guanlin.


My other cute, sweet, awesome, talented, swoon-worthy biases who didn't made it were Justin Huang Minghao 💔, Ahn Hyungseob 😠 and most importantly my baby Kim Samuel 😑😶😱😭


As for now. I wish Wanna One a great success in their debut and I wish my baby Muel a great success ahead of him too and I wish the Yuehua babies could debut soon so I could binge watch them again.


*brain whisper to finger* did you not say anything about our beloved baby NCT?

okayyy opps yas. My baby NCT 

Love them but please, their hair style oh lord. Go baby Renjun (though we're the same age) and baby Jeno and everything baby. Mark too oh gosh. Second foreign Mark I went to watch. Lol.




About Me




This year I might get really really busy for any new stories or updates at all plus I'm always lazy so yea. I love Girls' Generation for one and for all. 7+ years and still counting how long the love last. Ultimate bias in Girls' Generation is my never changing bias, Taeyeon♥


I'm a female but I really love girl groups. Girls groups like Gfriend, April and partly AOA because of my obsession to nice vocals like Taeyeon, so I too like Gfriend's Yuju and April's Naeun and AOA fiesty little leader Jimin resulted from watching Unpretty Rapstar  Season 1.


Another thing I love is girl group songs and their dances. Nevertheless, girl groups is the power source for my dull and nothing ever happen life. I also love reading and writing story but since I'm kinda lazy to start with, so I love reading more.


Boy groups I like are mostly rookies but yea I can't deny I've been in love with GOT7 since the day they appeared on WIN: Who Is Next? and Mark Tuan Yien deeply got me and my heart so he proceeded to be my ultimate male bias for 2 years.


As of other boy groups, Seventeen are really in my favour. I really love S.Coups and how his eyes are so shiny I feel like taking it out from its socket and put it in mine instead. Jk lol.


Other than KPOP, China is also one of my forever love. TFBOYS~ 易烊千玺 is for life~ my life to be honest. And he is a YG fan.. So still we're in the same field, everyone liking and enjoying KPOP.♥