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You can find me on

Twitter: With_Yunjae or  Yun_Bulge

Livejournal: Sumiko

Ask: Yun_Bulge

Tumblr: d-b-s-g


About Me

Hello all!

My name is Min ~

Honestly I'm not sure what to say ... but you can find out more about me probably via my nonsensical ramblings on my twitter and most often than not at the end of a chapter lol 

But I guess I could say something about myself ...

I mean it is quite obvious that I am totally in love with Yunjae <3 They are like the definition of true love okay ... and like omg why are they super cute <3 Also I don't have a bias in TVXQ because damn the 5 of them ARE my BIAS lol ... 

Love Jaejoong, Love Yunho, Love Yoochun, Love Junsu, Love Changmin <3