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I’m a college student writing fanfics as a way To sometimes deal with the harships of life!

I use my own experiences and emotions as a context of the story character’s emotional references!  

So all the incidents and emotions portrayed are closely related to my personal experiences!

If you read my stories and enjoy it , please subscribe, upvote and comment! Any feedback would be much appreciated, whether negative or positive!

Love You All ♥♥


“I will never love you … or treat you as my wife …” He stated looking at her with intimidating eyes

“Who said I will love you or treat you as my husband …“ she raised an eyebrow challanging him as she countinued “Its called arranged marriage, no one does it expecting love or a normal relationship out of it!” she stated firmly as he smirked

“Fine! Remember those words , I hope you don’t regret them later Kim Soojin Ssi !” he warned and she gulped nervously looking away from him.

"1. I must be ready to serve you whenever you need me to.
2. If I am not able to, I need to let sir know.
3. I'm not allowed to stay out without permission," she recited, fingers digging into the fabric of her shirt.
"There is another clause that might be helpful for you to keep in mind. If I break any of the rules, sir will punish me to ensure that it will not happen ever again," he stated in his signature dark tone.
You find yourself in a dead end , contemplating if you should just quit your job as an author in a big publishing company when your boss demands you to add more “Edge” to your writing. But your best friend is quick to give you a hand out of your misery, suggesting he could be your “Muse” for the night to help you in desperate times. 
She belonged to them , she knew it very well but a moment of temptation and she decided to challange their ownership over her. But the seven guys dont hesitate to remind her of her place ... of the reality. They own her ... that is her place ... that is her fate ...

Byul was a typical college girl trying to survive her daily life. She felt exactly as insignificant as it sounds about her existence. Because deep inside she felt she didn't matter. That was what she had come to learn from her nightmares every night.

Until she met him and his existence was all she needed to feel alive and significant. She called him Jin that was almost all she knew about him. Or maybe a lot more than that but she never realized.

 She never knew how it all started but she knew how exactly it ended. It was the day when she walked in the door and Jin wasn't sitting there in his usual place anymore.

He never showed up after that day and now Byul lives her life wondering Jin was even there in the first place …

But across the town 6 pieces of him are left for her to discover ... which soon results in discovering the secret of her nightmares …


You work as a sports trainer, providing basic first aid and injury management for the Hanguk University's soccer team. Going with your mundane life of caring for the dozen of guys hurting themselves in the soccer game takes a turn when one of the guys catches your eyes. Its not his breathtakingly good looks or his muscular athletic body usually seducing girls at the campus that catches your eyes. But the action plan in your kit, indicating he is diagnosed with Asthma is what draws your eyes time and time again to the Golden Boy of Hanguk University. 
cr. trxsh