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Official name for YunRi shippers

  • The Choco Couple
  • ChocoAddicts
  • PearlBears
  • YunRi Nixies

My Services

  • Graphics
  • Reviewer
  • Video

Personal Message

Welcome To My Shameless Self Introduction!


RedFlamer37 was my first username here then changed it to virus_

Please follow my YunRi tumblr* and my main tumblog*

(* with links provided)

Don't hesitate to PM me :)


Authored Stories:


About Me

My Ultimate Bias is Kwon Yuri



My OTP is YunRi




Seven Things About Me:

  • Shim Changmin is my male bias.


  • I write stories for my own whim.


  • I am mostly a reader than a writer.


  • JaeRi and ChangSoo are tied for my second ships.


  • JaeMin and YoonYul are my Y-pairings.


  • I also ship SeoKyuSunSun, HyoHyuk, YoonHae and TaeSu.


  • I am in love with Yoochun.