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Do you think Sehun and Luhan are father and son?

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  • An entertainer who performs magic by creating the illusion of impossible or supernatural feats; also known as a stage magician or illusionist


I will entertain you with my fics by creating a illusion of impossible story


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we are one! annyeonghaseyo, exo imnida.
  • Adeline Novella Hambalie


From Lu-llaby to magician (02/06)
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I'll be the best time of your life
hello my name is Lu Han and I'm a wolf— GROWL! are you scared of me now? don't worry I'm as harmless as a deer (though I can't promise I wont bite /winks). I fell in love with a baozi but don't tell anyone yet juseyo! wanna know more about me? don't hesitate to talk to me okay; bai bai ♥
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xiumin luhan kris suho lay baekhyun chen chanyeol d.o tao kai sehun

안녕하세요! 루한이 는 여자 친구 입니다!

Hello, my name is Adeline Novella Hambalie! I'm from Indonesia, my english isn't that fluent because I'm from Surabaya and my accent is.. yeah you know that if you're indonesian.

I'm currently 14 years old! I go to St. Carolus Junior High School, it's a catholic school..

I'm the last daughter of 4 sisters, I have a nieces and nephews ( a cousin's children ) already, because my mother has 7 siblings and she's the last one too.

I'm 162 cm tall.

I'm embarassed to say this.. but I'm a *ehem* with my bestfriend, exoed (now is coffemilkeu)

Her name is Celine Angelia Effendi, She's in the same class and school as me, we have been together for 10 years already. until I'm bored to see her face loljk bby :*