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"Creativity takes courage."

looking right because you left 

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                                                           welcome, my friends

a b o u t     m e
I go by the name 'Airu', which is the Mandarin pronounciation
of my Chinese name. It is also way easier to explain than my
English name.

I was born in the year 1998 on November 1. It's a shame I
wasn't born on Halloween, but that's okay 'cause I get to
buy all the candy in the stores on sale on my birthday.

I am currently in University, studying Honours Arts
English (after I switched from studying musical therapy
to psychology, until I finally figured out that I wanted to
write for a living instead).

I started writing on this site back in 2011, and all I can say
is that it has taught me a lot as a writer. To be able to read
other works from people, and to see what inspired them
behind the scenes is amazing. 

I got into k-pop back in 2008, around SHINee's debut.
My bias group since then has changed from SHINee to
Super Junior and back to SHINee. Then it was onto Infinite
and Teen Top and once B.A.P debuted in 2012, they've been
my ultimate group since. I was lucky enough to see them in
concert here in Toronto during their LOE World Tour in 2016.
Asides from B.A.P, I love a lot of other groups too but it'd be
too long of a list to put it here because I don't want to bore you. 

Anywhoo, that's enough about me for now. I may be an
introvert, but I don't mind making a new friend here and there
so don't hesitate to post on my wall or send me a message. I
might be slow in replying, but I promise you, I'll get to it as
soon as I can. 

Big hugs to whoever took their time to actually read this
because it makes me happy to know you took your time to
get to know me a bit better.

Also, I'm sorry for the ty layout- I'm just too lazy of
an to actually make it look fancy and whatnot. 
c o n n e c t    w i t h   m e
       steam: airu
       snapchat: ai.loveyou
       tumblr: zelototomato