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Oh! Hello Beautiful! Gee, Y can't i live Without U? i Believe because there's No Other Than You, my Lucifer. i will bring you Happiness. i know it's Hard But Easy but Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps, so Tell Me Your Wish. for now, let's go La cHa Ta. Chu~


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: : Random Facts : :

1. My hair is long, black and straight. With a straight bangs, like Miss A's Suzy's. Elders often told me to cut it off, but I like it long, and messy.

2. Sometimes I'm afraid being a K-Pop lover. All of them are talented, fast-learner-dancer. But I'm not like them, I need a long time, or simply a tutor, to mastered a dance.

3. I'm so Indonesian and I'm proud of it.

4. In my family, I'm tall. Even taller than my 4 years older cousin, even taller than my 30 years older mom. But in school, I'm so damn short. I'm not even 160cm.

5. I have an ultimate unrealistic wish. It's always here in me since I was little. I want to have an older brother, a loving one. If I can choose one person in K-Pop, that will definitely be 2PM's Nichkhun.

6. I'm an only child.

7. I love soccer, yeah!

8. I'm pretty good at school stuffs. This year, all my points in report card are above 85.

9. After knowing K-Pop, my passion to enter entertainment world is much bigger.

10. I got a cynophobia. An irrational fear of dogs.



: : Biases : :

1. Cho Kyuhyun

I love everything in him. Even though he's not my type, I fall in love at first sight. He's my first K-Pop love, my ultimate bias and it won't change. Never. He is the one that introduce me to K-Pop, the one that made me trough my darkest time, the one that -by his look, his voice, his childishness, his confident- makes my heart beats way faster.

2. Jung Soojung

I won't love any other female celebrity more than I love her. People may say she's wild, , cold, or whatever they might say. But for me, she's simply outrageous. Sulli used to be f(x)'s maknae, but no, Krystal deserves it. And I think Krystal should have more attention. She's as lovable as others. Besides, I found me in her. I'm also maknae in my circle of friends, but our second youngest is also much cuter, prettier and famous.

3. Super Junior and f(x)

No matter what, I'll support them until I die xD

Always 13elieve in Prom15e that f(x) is forever 5!