So how exactly young WAS Changmin when he first appeared in the story?

  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • His age cannot be measured by human age measuring systems

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I'm weird. 

It's ok.

I love you.



























Thanks, Nilu. You're the best. Truly the support system that I need.

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Sometimes I look at Jaejoong's pictures in the middle of the night and wonder how can a human being be that beautiful.

Then I pretend to sleep because I need to go to bed early and be a responsible adult.

I'm not a responsible adult.  


I just write whatever I want to and therefore have lots of unfinished or unpublished fics. 

I don’t think I'm good at writing but I enjoy it a lot and I try to improve. Although I do care what the readers think about my stories, sometimes I will write just because I feel like it.

One time I wrote top!Jae to insert realism in my fics and kind of liked it. One time I wrote ay YooSuJae and everyone hated it. One time I wrote a breakup fic and then another breakup fic right after and hated both of them. One time I wrote a sleep!ing kink fic and absolutely loved it, then took it down because I have shame. 


Thank you for understanding and loads of love to you all!