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Don't be afraid to talk to me, you'll never know, we could be friends :)

About Me




Name is Gupii, I am 18 years old and I am Thai / British. I like SHINee, INFINITE and TEEN TOP. I am currenlt studying Business, Healthcare and ICT in sixth form. My birthdate is on the 10th of July, I am a moody crab (aka cancer)

Heads up: I procastinate... updates are slow, I apologise, please don't be mad about it

Too many people on AFF have their heads stuck very far up their asses, if you're a user who believe that you are superior than the rest (or just believe that your writing exceeds others and put them down because of it) then I don't think we'll hit off pretty well (I don't think you'd like me either, considering that my page is covered in tiny little pixel gifs lol). Don't ever put someone down when they're making progress, no matter how slow.

I do not roleplay, please don't post on my wall about it.

I have a bitter feeling about users posting on my wall advertising their fanfiction, please don't do it. I'm very picky with what I read.

I'm not all that unapprachable, just easily annoyed with things - this only happens with small things - so don't be afraid to talk to me. Replies tend to be slow... I apologise again.

My tumblr is Gupii, follow me if you want. I follow back

 If you want to get to know me then follow my personal blog if you'd like: Cuddlemex.

Ask for my instagram if you want to see more of me. Ask for my facebook if you'd like to talk more.




Carry on if you want to know other pointless things about me (I'm using this as a chance to just use these cute animations haha)

Noodles and chocolate are my source of energy


People tend to be quite surprised with my vulgarity and crudeness because of the way I look 


My favourite animal is a panda because they remind me of myself (eyeliner lol)

I like to read horror and thriller books in my free time