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you may say i'm a dreamer,but i'm not the only one.

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SHINee &  Boyfriend.
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FEELING:  ★ ★ ★  ☆     EARGASM: selene 6.23 - SHINee     STATUS: semi hiatus


You mean everything to me;
Hello my friend. As stated above, I go by the name Stella but feel free to throw nicknames at me. Some of my friends call me lala, yinyin, stel-twin, byeollie, ella the llama, tinkerbell, and the list goes on. If I was an animal, I would be a dolphin. I have a myriad of dreams I wish to accomplish and I truly believe that if I'm persistent enough, there are no boundaries I cannot break. Even though there are times I feel really down and upset with myself, I try to stay positive because having genuine happiness is what I really want. As Audrey Hepburn once said, "happy girls are the prettiest." There are so many things I want to thank God for and it is Him that has been there for me since day one. I'm a bookworm but I also love fashion and traveling. If possible, I would like to leave my footprint on all the places on earth. Meet new people, try new food, experience their cultures. At times, I can be really random and weird. For instance, I often say things that are unrelated to the topic. However, I can also be really quiet so it really depends on the situation. I think that is all about me? For more inquiries, please don't hesitate to ask! Have an awesome day!   

( still taste credit on my tongue; )




inspiring quotes, kaeguri, ballads, dark chocolate, sleeping, daydreaming,roller coasters, writing, reading, SHINee, Boyfriend, kdramas, kimi ni todoke, k-on, 5cm per second, kfashion, horror movies, meeting new people, taiwanese dramas, seoul, paris, travelling the world, jokwangmin, blue, snowflakes, literature, kermit+miss piggy, the old cartoon network, urban zakapa, hot cup noodles on a rainy day, converse, sunset, the beach, crossing off items from my bucket list, going on a vacation, summer, road trip.



Y o u ' r e  m y  o n e  a n d  o n l y  K w a n g d e r p








내가 책임질게우리 예쁜이는 나만 믿고 잘 따라와  믿지?” 
Jo Kwangmin 

Jo Kwangmin, also known as the younger twin in Boyfriend who is addicted to Pikachu. That's what most people depict him as. But, there's way more than that. What I love about him most is that he doesn't try to hide himself. Who cares about the image? If you want to talk about that, Jo Kwangmin's image have been thrown awayin to the pacific ocean ever since they debuted. This guy blows his nose in public, sleeps with his mouth open in front of cameras, voices out to the staffs if he thinks they're wrong. He's human; he has flaws and is imperfect just the way he is. Don't be fooled by his innocent smile and big sparkly eyes, he's one fine y man if you ask me. The way he seduces female fans with his smirks, hairflips and winks make me go crazy. Like asdfjkl. Kwangmin may be younger than those rappers out there, but man, his raps are incredibly amazing. When he raps, it's as if he's possessed by another person or something, the childish derp suddenly transforms into a charismatic man. Oh Jo Kwangmin, why do you have to be so adorable and charismatic at the same time? I hate you for turning me into a crazy fangirl I never even imagined myself to be. However, I also love you for being able to turn my frown upside down just by seeing your face appear on my handphone screen. No matter how many outstanding idols there are, I only have my attention on you. Honestly, I'm not sure why. You changed my life tremendously even if you don't know it. I'm just one of your million fangirls and I'm contented with that. In the future, please find a girl who truly loves you for who you are and treat her well. As long as you're happy, I'm happy. Regardless of what people say, you'll always be my one and only bias.  
Thank you so much for being a part of my life.

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