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Request Box for story reviews (aka my PN/Wall):
Status: CLOSED (please understand that I will not respond to requests when it's closed so please don't waste your time to send in requests, thank you :) )

Bias list:

EXO: ChanYeol, KyungSoo, Jongin, Sehun, Luhan, Minseok (TBVH)...honestly all lol
: Onew, Minho, Key (only voice tho, but i rly like his persona ahhaha)
Orange Caramel: Raina, Lizzy, Nana--GAH, ALL OF EM OTL
But basically: I fall for them voices LOL *voice ?*

Random gifs cuz I can:

XIUHAN OMG <3 finally found my #OTP fy


<3 gotchaaa <3

About Me

Well, hello there... <3 *creeperSoo face*

My reading-a-fanfic face:

LOL, who am I kidding, actually it dis:

Or a mix of both of the two...

Whut I liek:
- K-Pop
- Mangas/Drawing
- THE WALKING DEAD (but only the TV-Series, since I started with the TV show it wouldn't be good to read the comics, since their storylines QUITE differ xD)/BBC's SHERLOCK(used to...)
- I don't read many genres, except for HP....and general education stuff...I've a bit of horror/thriller stuff...oh, I loved The Perfume! (even tho it disgusted me sometimes xD)
- Other types of music (too lazy to list what especially...I basically listen to almost everything, I'm openminded xD)
- Video Games