About Me


H e l l o.
my name is tat, or jee up to you both come from ideas and diminutives of names. well i'm a complete fan of anime, so that's why I put "seven deadly sins" as background (aka one of the best anime ever made -not subjective at all huhu-). i'm also into k-pop (well really how surprising) my main groups are vixx seventeen and monsta x but i am also weak for girlgroups because girls on top ! feel free to add me or dm me, i love to talk and make new friends uwu


WIPS ( ● done ○ not finished )
● how's our chemistry / ケミストリ
name: kang dasom
faceclaim: kim yeri (red velvelt)
personality: infj ("the advocate")
wip: 100%

○ 平静 Serenitea
name: hwang junhyung
faceclaim: wonwoo (seventeen)
personality: ambivert kind of? is very social but at the same time, he doesn't voice out his thoughts or keep being anxious over people's opinion on him
wip: 80%

almost done, just need to add personality + background

○ Status:Online
name: sora / park sohee
faceclaim: kang mina (gugudan)
personality: happy virus
wip: 5%

i haven't think about it yet, but she is a happy character with a very outgoing cheerful persona/aura? someone that would be highly likeable and friends with everyone (not necessarily super close friends) but someone people would see as the ultimate extroverted person? at least, that's how she wanna be seen because she defintely can't be like this 24/7. she wanna be seen as a positive vibe person, hiding her weaknesses and sadness to others because she doesn't want pity or people worrying about her ?? ( inspired myself a bit from emma, the promised neverland ; enfp-t )

○ wonders
name: yoon jaehwa
faceclaim: kim chaewon (iz*one)
personality:happy virus
wip: 0%

i haven't thought about anything for this, just finished coding the layout uhuh. . . but going for a soft bubbly character on the outside (on-stage) but is rather a quiet person / in her own world (off-stage)

○ our relationship is. . . / 그 선을 지켜라!
name: park eunbyeol
personality: tba
wip: 0%

all i know is that she is bestfriend (aka love interest) with jeon wonwoo lee minhyuk