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who do u ship (this is for funsies, doesn't affect the outcome of the story)

  • sehun & kai
  • sehun & skylar
  • vernon & kai
  • kai & skylar
  • kai & his terrible puns

About Me

updating my bio just in case anyone stalks me

  • i write fics, draw, and read if i'm not wasting my precious time on youtube binge watching useless shenanigans
  • i heard that reading helps u to become a better writer but i've┬áread at least 200 books and yet i'm still a terrible writer huuuu
  • a list of girls who i allow to step on me: jennie, rose, hwasa, irene, taeyeon, hani, huyna, and sunmi
  • i've┬ádeveloped an unhealthy love for well-crafted slow burn romances
  • i reply to most comments bc i have too much time on my hands plus i love reacting to reader's reactions !!!!
  • pink is my weakness....im an easy person, if something's pink it has already stolen my heart
  • dogs. dogs are good. pure. love it. 10/10