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Stay Bright Cozy Corner has many stories of a wide variety of Fics about various Kpop groups! Being a long time AFF author, I work hard because I love and respect my readers and are dedicated to making sure they have stories to read that are lively and entertaining! My extensive collection is written with the intent to leave everyone who visits my little cozy corner feeling refreshed and bright!

Come and visit my little Cozy Corner here on AFFOfficialAhjumma's by joining Crowdfund!  Where you could read stories of multi-fandoms, multi-genre, Nonrated Fics, and Mature Fics. In my  "Stay Bright Story Shop" there are currently 76 posted Fics, with New Arrivals on the way!  At my little book shop, you can join Crowdfund and support my efforts by leaving a tip or donation! Which will help me to continue to provide new content to my little cozy corner! 

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About Me

I have been on AFF for 5 years!  I have written currently over a variety of  76 stories with more on the way!  They are about wide range K-pop stars.  I love K-pop and writing romance stories. I want to continue to provide great content and with your support and assistance, I can do that. How you may assist? By first going to my "Stay Bright Stories and reading them and then joining AFFOfficialAhjumma's Crowdfund! Thank you for your interest and Happy Reading to you!  


*Here's A Sample of some of the stories in my Stay Bright Story Cozy Corner!



Same Kind of Different As Me and the Sequel (Shinee Romane Story) Readers-(40) upvotes 

Awakening from what he thought was a deep sleep. There was a blur between realities and his imagination. In reality, he knew he'd traveled many times to other parts of the world. But what he couldn't decipher was, if this paradise was his reality. Will he be able to accept all the differences? Or will he convince himself it was just his imagination?


Sheer Drop (EXO Adventure Story) Readers - (91) upvotes

Five of the members plan a trip for a short getaway.  They are scheduled to return in a few days. But to everyone's surprise, they are reported missing.  What was supposed to be a short time away for relaxation, fun, partying, turns into something unimaginable.


Irresistible Blue (BTS Summer Travel Story) Readers  (40) upvotes

This irresistible summer trip is about a young man who made the right bet...and the wrong bed! Don't miss this fun and y romance. You'll experience V's exuberant charm, his fearless attitude in this awesome escapade on the other side of the world.


Unimaginable Prize! (A collage of handsome Kpop guys who bids for one girl's attention. Fantasy) Readers -  (45) upvotes

"You"! An AFF member enters a writing contest sponsored by K-pop!  You actually win! It only gets better! Your prize is a trip to South Korea. 14 glorious days and nights! Free K-pop concert and a 30-minute backstage pass! That's right you heard me!  Wait! Something happens, everything changes once you get there! What is this contest all about?  What is this "Unimaginable Prize!" Well, you will definitely want to find out! And you don't want to miss this one!


Tantalizing Risk (TVXQ Red Hot International/Romance Story) Readers - (16) upvotes

What happens when two people from different parts of the world who have the same exact desire and fantasy, come in contact with one another? You get the perfect combination of Tantalizing Risk!


Pearl Crush (Big Bang Action/Romance Story) Readers -  (23) upvotes

Exquisitely provocative romance story, that takes you inside the lives of the Royal and the Elite. The have and the have-nots. This all-female group strives to get what they desire, while private agent Top and his wealthy friends strive to keep what they have inherited. This intense conflict between the two classes, two es will amaze you! In the story of Pearl Crush!!!!


Scent Of A Woman (Vixx Country/Romance Story) Readers - (30) upvotes

This story is about our charming youngest member of Vixx! In Hyuk's story, he has been transferred to an alternate universe. As a handsome country boy who has lived a very sheltered life alone. Despite his being alone most of his life, Hyuk has this ideal female he wants in his future.  But when he moves to the big city to protect his interest back home. Something happens to him in his apartment building, that sparks his imagination and has it going wild. And so will you, when you read the month of February love story! "A Scent of a Woman!" Subscribe Now!