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The story 'Love Letter', (featuring Luhan and Yoona) how many chapters should it have?

  • 40 Chapters, but isn't that to short?
  • 50 Chapters, but thats still not enough....
  • 60 Chapters, that is a good amount.
  • 80 Chapters, because yes, we can't have to much Luyoon!

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Hello, call me Soso-

In case you wanted to learn about me quickly, I'm made a quick profile about myself. Enjoy

1. About: I was born October 8, 1990.

2. Favorite label: SM, duh.

3. Are you freindly and talktive?: Very, just message me, kay? :)

4. Favorite songs: Paradise (infinity) Song love (ayumi hamasaki) Growl (Exo) Oh! (snsd)




I'm working on my first fanfic with SNSD's Yoona and EXO's Luhan. Its called Love Letter and its a Luyoon drama. I've been getting a lot of love and I'm supa excited to keep bringing you guys interesting and dramatic stories.

Love Letter





  1. Luhan.   I seriously love Luhan! He is the full package! But his personality is wonderful->>
  2. Baekhyun
  3. Kai
  4. D.O
  5. Xiumin
  6. Kris



Girls' Generation:

  1. Taeyeon & Yoona.I can't really pick! Taeyeon is talent and mature and Yoona...Amazing
  2. Yuri
  3. Jessica
  4. Hyoyeon
  5. Sunny
  6. Seohyun




Favorite Kpop Groups:

EXO  - SNSD - MBLAQ - Rainbow - KARA - TVXQ - Big Bang - TeenTop - Beast - CNBlue - F(X)



Favorite artist/idols:

Luhan - Yoona - Taeyeon - Yonghwa - Donghae - Sandara - Ayumi Hamasaki - Lee Joon - Kai - Baehyun - Jonghyun - Gackt - Jay Chou