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Personal Message

I write for my own entertainment as well as yours. I'm literally just a hermit trying to share my love for writing and fanfics tbh, nothing more to say... LOL I'm a huge fan of music ^^

Introducing fics to me is not the same as promoting, don't promote your fics to me. If you want me to read your work, send me a message instead of your copy and paste promotion speech

Also don't even try to link your stories in my comment section. That's just downright rude. I stress this, if you want me to read your work, just send me a message, and if you word it well normally on my wall, chances are I will check it out lol. I'm not a mean person, but I am a person, stop advertising to me. 

k-ajima (twitter) follow me on twitter guys :D

^ I've been very active on there lately and I often tweet about my writing so yep

I am also, kairi13 ^^ which is where you'll find all my kaisoo fics 

w-intersong is where you'll find my daejae stories (I know I have a lot on here but it's just another place for some LOL) 


About Me

Airi [20][Pisces]


My OTPs ~ I think it's no secret that I ship more than just banglo, but I do write all the pairings I ship. In one way or another.

BangLo - I have a weird relationship with banglo tbh, I think it's because I started out as a banglo writer 

DaeJae - I absolutely adore daejae, they're so precious and fun. They enjoy being around each other and it's real sweet.

BangDae - my beautifully awkward otp that I can't get enough of

KaiSoo - my babies ;-; they're both so precious and I love em both to bits.

BangJae - my soulmate OTP, they're literally such good friends, it makes me so happy

BaekSoo - I love em, too much