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Do you like when I update frequently

  • Yes! its good to have someone who can updat more than once a week
  • No! I know people who updat 2-3 times a day. You should do a better job
  • I don't go that on AFF that often to realize your updates

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Be Bad and Have Fun- Lana Del Rey

About Me

I am currently a Veternarian Technician and studying to become a RVT. I probably also want to become a phlebotomist (semone who draws blood) I was a competitive dancer for 5 Years but danced for 17 years. I currently have 2 pets a persian cat name Gaby she is white with blue eyes, ans i have a brittany who is a hunting dog. I love kpop music and korean varienty shows/ drama shows. I am always busy studying, so i dont have a social life plus i am socially awkward (like Sheldon from tbbt) I have a wild emagination and i out my thoughts into writing.