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Hi, Sunshine


have a blessed days and time and love



❝You are  terrifying and strange and beautiful, someone  not everyone knows how to love


18. Indonesian and still breathing.

A literature soul that caught into politics and consumed by it.


She told you sweet words and let you live in her story.

She whispered, “Life’s a beautiful things” and smiled at you. Her smile is so bright that you started to believe her.

She was the one who listened to your story and told you to be strong. Someday you wondered and asked her “How can you be this positive?” again and again she only answer you with smile.

She always there when you needed help and she always told you that you are wonderful human being. You started to love her and admire her world. “I wish I was you” you would said and this time her smile falter.

Day by day her words never stop to fascinated you. “How can you write something that so beautiful?” This time her expression was blank when she said,

“Beautiful come from pain”


 Kaisoo is much more than just fiction for me.


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