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These are just a couple of basic courtesy guidelines. Happy writers makes for more fics getting done makes for happy readers, so....

*Friend Requests
I accept friend requests from: writers, reviewers, artists, actual online friends lol
All others can use the "Follow Stories" button instead of the "Add Friend"

For permision, please ask. If I say yes, send me the link to the translation since I like to link the translated material to the original fic. Also, on the translated version, please mention my username as the original author on the notes or link it back to me somehow. Thank you :)

If you make some inspired by one of my fics, I'D LOVE TO SEE IT!

Do not repost my fics anywhere. It's rude and all kinds of offensive. Be original and write your own.

Do not ask for it. It's rude. Get your own.

About Me

I read, I write, I live for Kai's smile :D