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woon is his king and prince. And all in the kingdom is well. 
A world where my bias in Bangtan is Jimin but my ideal type is Hobi. Rapmon is the man and tae is the bae. Suga is my sweetness and jungkook is my sass origin. Where Jin is the confetti. 
A world where Hyuk is the devil child but still my little babe and DingDong is the doorbell. Where Wonshik is Won. And Ken is the auntie next door. 
Another world where Hyuna is my Queen. Eunji is my beautiful princess. And Ailee is my goddess. ft. Jessica bb. 
So hai- My name is Tiffany and I am currently 15 years of age. To start off, I'm kind of bipolar depending on my day whther I would be loud and proud or cold...dare i say, Chic? I have been loving kpop for about 5 years and still going  strong. The thing  that annoys me most is arrogant people- though that can be me sometimes but hey- 
I always approach people with the level of 100% respect unless they do anything that brings it down. First impression is everything to me and I'll probably never forget it. You'll have to try really hard to bring it up. I can't deal with immature, drama-seeking people either. It's pathetic and annoying. 
What else- If you give me coconut water, I will love you forever. Sparkling black raspberry izzie as well- or Coke- 
Hit me up on  a date at a good restaurant anyway. Ayyy. I prefer hiking  than the beach. I prefer flowers over chocolate. I prefer english over math. I prefer green, olive eyes over blue, rich eyes. 
I'm a nice person- yesyes. My first love was SHINee. My current love is Bangtan/BTS. I love songs ranging from Taeyang's Eyes,Nose,Lips - t o - GD & Taeyang's Good Boy. I'm pretty open minded about these things and I have to say I'm pretty good at giving advice. 
im going to end it there--.
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" While the earth was embracing the sun four times, I missed you and shed tears hundred of t